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Solar Works for Your Freedom of Choice

With the help of good regulation, Louisiana has created a robust new market of solar energy –one that has created savings and jobs across the state, and provided one of the highest rates of access in the country to low-income households. For the first time in history, Louisianans have a realistic alternative to relying solely on utility companies. We need to preserve our freedom of energy choice, and that means continuing good solar policies.

Solar Works for Jobs

Nationwide, the solar industry employs 174,000 Americans, creating jobs at a rate 20 times faster than the national average. In Louisiana alone, the industry has created 3,600 direct and indirect jobs. At a time when other major industries, like oil and gas, are slashing jobs at an alarming rate, we need to protect industries that are positively contributing to our state’s economy and providing jobs.

Solar Works for Our Economy

Solar makes a positive influence on the state’s economy, from the ground up, and continues to for decades. Over the typical lifespan of solar panels installed since 2008, Louisiana will realize $400 in total economic impact. This means more funds for family meals, college expenses, and consumer spending.

Solar Works for the Environment

Solar energy is a renewable resource, alleviating already strained electricity system–especially during peak periods like the summer. It’s a clean energy source derived from the sun. However, traditional electricity through utility companies relies on fossil fuels, which release toxic gases. An investment into solar power is an investment in our community’s healthy future.

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  I understand that solar power is renewable, and it's the responsible way to use energy. You don't have to burn fossil fuels to make energy for your house.


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