Solar power and competition are good for all customers

Last updated: February 19, 2019 | 11:44 pm
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A recent op-ed in North Carolina’s Winston-Salem Journal explains how solar power is good for everyone–at all income levels. As the author explains, “As the pastor of a predominantly African-American church in Greensboro, I (Rev. Johnson) have been visited recently by three different individuals selling the ‘solar power hurts the poor and people of color’ message. The claim is that the poor are left to subsidize more affluent customers who buy rooftop solar power systems – because the non-solar customers are left to pay more than ‘their share’ for large, expensive power plants.

This is part of a national strategy coordinated recently by monopoly electric utilities in various states. It’s been rejected by the NAACP’s national board, various state NAACP chapters, and the Congressional Black Caucus. Nevertheless, it’s being pushed here now, which is an affront to the people of North Carolina.”

The same thing is happening right now in Louisiana. Anti-solar proponents are pushing misleading messages and trying to protect their bottom line.

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