Sun rising on solar panels … no doubt

Last updated: February 19, 2019 | 11:18 pm
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In the Shreveport Times, columnist Froma Harrop discusses the utilities v. solar power battle — and why Americans should rally around the sun’s renewable energy source. She writes, “Oil, gas and coal lobbyists, fed by Koch brother checks, are backing a campaign by utilities to slap fees on solar panels. Their target is net metering – the system whereby homes and businesses with solar panels sell their excess electricity back to the grid.

In Arizona, the big utility Salt River Project is adding a $50-a-month surcharge for customers with rooftop solar panels. SRP argues, as do other utilities, that solar customers rely on the grid for backup power when the sun doesn’t shine and should pay for it.

Studies out of Missouri, New York, Texas, Nevada and Vermont counter that the alleged subsidies to those with solar panels are being offset. After all, solar consumers reduce the amount of power the utilities must provide – especially on hot sunny days, when demand is high. And a price can be put on greenhouse gases that were not emitted.”

Read the full story in the Shreveport Times.

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